Beautiful Mountains in Japan, Hakuba Mountains 白馬連峰 8KHDR

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This is a video of the Hakuba mountains shot from Hakuba Village and Otari Village in February 2023. It was a clear sky from the morning and enjoyed the astonishing scenery of Hakuba mountains.

Hakuba is one of the famous ski resorts in Japan known for hosting Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.

Now Hakuba valley consists of 10 snow resorts:

– Jiigatake Snow Resort,

– Kashimayari Snow Resort Family Park,

– White Resort Hakuba Sanosaka,

– Able Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort,

– Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park,

– Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort,

– Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field,

– Tsugaike Mountain Resort,

– Hakuba Norikura Onsen Snow Resort,

– Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort

The name ‘Hakuba Renpo 白馬連峰’ is often used in tourist guidebooks for the Hakuba area. Among the mountains of the Hakuba, the three peaks of Shiroumadake, Shakushidake and Yarigatake are the famous mountains.

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